Tea Party Numbers Grow as Presidential Election Nears

Paul A. IbbetsonBarack Obama has clearly earned his day of reckoning with the American people. That should happen at the polls on Election Day 2012. Yet one important question appears, will the American people actually show up to send this President packing? The growing dissent over the President’s initiatives and programs are now reflected in most American opinion polls. For example, the September 2011 CBS/New York opinion poll showed Obama’s public approval rating at 43%, the lowest of his Presidency. However, opinion poll percentages by themselves won’t fill voting booths nationwide, so the fundamental question remains. Has such unpopular disapproval of Obama’s grand sweeping vision of America’s future created the voting numbers needed for his removal?

Rambunctious and ready conservatives, like me, who are anxious to see this President become a one-termer, need to swallow hard and taste the bitter pill of reality. The voting numbers needed to do this task are not yet attained, so we cannot be sure yet that Obama will absolutely positively be defeated in 2012.

Realistically, what assets are in the President’s corner? There are several that are important, despite his being the worst President in modern times. The Obama campaign coffers will likely fill to the tune of $1billon. The liberal media will continue to support Obama to the point of senseless overt water carrying of his destructive programs. The President also has the bully pulpit of the White House, which he has used with reckless abandon with little likelihood there will be any decrease in his pronouncements as election time nears. Hollywood will continue to be Hollywood, and too many actors will continue to kneel at the ideological feet of the progressive liberalism Obama espouses. When we get right down to it, the only unflinching factor that will derail another four years of destructive liberalism being implemented across this country is the power of the conservative majority in America. Enter the Tea Party.

Despite being demonized by the Democrat Party and minimized by liberal media, the Tea Party movement has not declined since its inception. It has instead increased in numbers. Over the last year, I have visited more than 50 cities in the state of Kansas. As unemployment numbers have increased, so has interest in the Tea Party. With each edict issued from Obama’s White House perch, a new group of Tea Partiers has formed in heartland communities. The recent liberal Occupy groups of course tried to emulate the grass roots appearance and focus of the Tea Party with a contrasting anti-American, anti-capitalistic flare, but this group has done nothing but make Tea Partiers even more appealing to mainstream America. Despite being framed as radical events run by angry racists, the Tea Party’s orderly patriotic weekend gatherings are now seen as benign in comparison to the rapes and thefts happening within the stench-filled tent cities of the Occupy movement. The line between conservatives and liberals is becoming clearer and clearer to more and more people.

What is also becoming clearer is that the once feared Tea Party is now seen by the voting public for who they truly are — the American middle class. In visiting a large part of the state of Kansas one town at a time, I’ve seen that the Tea Party numbers are growing for two important reasons. The first is that once a person attends a Tea Party rally, that person is hooked. People understand their conservative values of adhering to the Constitution, controlling spending and having a working, but limited, government. All these relate to love of country and values that are easy to support. Second, the majority of voters now see that the nation is in a true fix, and they are looking for a positive, non-violent alternative to Obama’s goal of a fundamental transformation of America. Once people move past the lies of the liberal media, more and more citizens are finding that their local Tea Party is a very nice fit with what they believe.

So, for all the rambunctious and ready conservatives, those who are anxious to see this President be a one termer, the blueprint to victory in 2012 lies in coordinating the ever expanding Tea Party numbers and maximize the number of voters who do go to the polls and vote next November. Doing that will make Obama’s defeat and removal from office a certainty.

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